Home Services

  • While You Are Away

    • Pick up mail or newspapers, take out trash, turn on or off lights and heating/ air conditioning​
  • Wait-For Service

    • Waiting for those habitually late repairmen, installers, or contractors
  • Watering

    • Foliage, Gardens, Lawn, Pools and more
  • Packing

    • Help you pack for a move as well as haul away what you don't need
  • Party Help

    • Server or bartender... aka a Party Motivator!

  • Window Washing

    • ​Making them shine
  • Gutter cleaning

Errands/Personal Services

  • Grocery Shopping

    • Can include putting away
  • Car Services

    • Take in for inspections, repairs and wash
  • General Errands

    • Anything from dry cleaning to picking up prescriptions to postal needs​
  • Senior Services

    • Visiting them, taking them shopping, spending quality time 


Animal Services

  • Daily Check-Ins

    • While you are at work or away

  • Transportation

    • Animal transportation to an appointment
  • Overnight Care

    • Staying overnight with your animals

  • Boarding

  • ​Livestock

    • Checking on your livestock

  • Pet Walking

    • Just no hamsters :)