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Jere Luttner - 5 stars

Jana took great care of our plants while we were out of town. She even noticed that our pool sweep had run afoul and took care of that so we wouldn't come home to a dirty pool. She is very conscientious about her tasks and very reliable. It was good to know that I had someone to trust to check the house while we were gone.

Linda Stevens Hockett - 5 stars

Jana has a true love of pets. She goes the extra mile and truly enjoys working with the animals.

Miriam Lockhart - 5 stars

After having major surgery several weeks ago, I have been unable to get all of my yard work done. Jana Sauerwein came today and accomplished getting my backyard in tiptop shape. Very pleased with the attention to detail and the speed with which it was all done. Thank you so very much, Jana!

Lorraine Marsh Vogal - 5 stars

Jana has been around to help with feeding of goats and the livestock guardian dogs. Also she has been helpful during birthing season. She is very passionate about animals and willing to help where she can. I would recommend and trust her with your pets.


Lynda Dohr Horn - 5 stars

Charely has had trouble in the past being comfortable at pet care centers. Let it be known that with Jana he was so very happy and came home in great spirits. Thanks so much for the great care and he looks forward to his next stay!!


​Sara Koda-5 stars

I seriously cannot say enough good things about Jana and her team. They've helped care for one of our pups since was a puppy and the other one since we got him from the shelter a few months ago. My mind was completely at ease when I was working 50 miles away knowing that Jana would be stopping by. She and her team cared for them like their own. Highly recommend!

Karen Smith - 5 stars

​​My husband and I would like to put in a good word for Arrfully Good Services which we had the good fortune to discover through Next Door several months ago. Just recently we used this service while we were away on a trip. The women (Jana & Melanie) were awesome! They watched our house, cared for cats, (both indoor and outdoor), gathered our mail & newspapers, watered our many plants, and kept us up-to-date with what was going on. They impressed us as being very professional , well organized, highly reliable, thoughtful & caring. They stayed at the house to make sure cats had company & were well fed & entertained. They even sent photos of our kitties with updates. Everything was in perfect order when we returned after an 8 day absence. We highly recommend this service!

Holly Goodwin-Brown - 5 stars

She is a great care giver of animals, the elderly and takes great care of houses while you are away!! I won't use anyone else!

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Mariella Wise Levinson - 5 stars 

Jana, Thanks for helping with the parents!! You're the best!!


We know just how much you love your animals, and with us they will be treated like royalty every time, whether it's a check-in, an overnight stay, or boarding at my house!


Hannah Goolsby - 5 stars

and Serena, while we travel in Europe. Jana is a natural with cats. Even Serena, who is very shy, likes her! She shows extraordinary attention to details. Most important, you can see she loves animals and she is deeply committed to doing an excellent job.

When you need to get stuff done, but don't have the time to do it, we are available to attend to all of your daily tasks!

Kelly Guiles - 5 stars

Jana has given loving care to her cats and dogs. I have known her and her fur babies for many years and without a doubt she has those babies in hers and theirs best interest! She is adamant on walking the dogs once or twice a day, sometimes three times daily. She takes them to the dog park often, which is a huge treat for them. She had a sweet angle named Buster, which became very ill and event...ually passed away from his illness. Jana was extremely devoted to seeing that Buster got the best care and extensive testing was done on Buster to ensure he lived the best days he could. Jana was worried about Brock (her other dog) after Buster, so she immediately adopted another puppy named Charlie, so that Brock would not feel alone. She adopted Buster and her beloved Brock when they were just 3 months old and she treats them like they are her very own children. I have house sat for her and her dogs and she calls to check on them daily. I have a sweet puppy named Joey and she took him in for two weeks, when my fence blew down during a storm this May. She even has a catch and release program she came up with a few years ago,frogs that end up in her pond in her back yard she catches them and releases them in a near by lake area, so they can live happily ever after. Using her services would be a benefit to you and or your fur babies. Jana is a class act!

Whether it's taking care of your plants, cleaning your windows, or even packing, our home services can take care of what you need, when you need it!

If you do not  see a service listed please call! I am available weekends and holidays as well as weekdays!

And Errands too!

Jana Sauerwein


Jeff Lamun - 5 stars

I just wanted to personally endorse and recommend Jana! She is a pleasure to get to know! I called her off of this ad to host, organize and clean for a luncheon of over 100 people. She was amazing and … View more made the day so much easier so I was able to enjoy the luncheon instead of ensuring everyone had what they needed! I am very thankful for this site and for meeting Jana who has a long list of ways she can help people! While my dogs loved her, so did all of my guests!!! Let her take some stress away!!!!                

Lorraine - 5 stars 

Jana has been around to help with feeding of goats and the livestock guardian dogs. Also she has been helpful during birthing season. She is very passionate about animals and willing to help where she can. I would recommend and trust her with your pets.

Connie - 5 stars

I recently used Arrfully Good Services ( to look after my pets while we were out of town. It was nice that my pets could be looked after in the comfort of their own home vs going to a noisy kennel where they get very nervous. I also have an elderly kitty that needs special attention. They were kind enough to clean up after his messes. Very reasonably priced. I highly recommend their services.  She also watered my flowers & filled my pool! She also does a good job on window cleaning. Check out this website for all she has to offer!